Power of Nature

Why go the Ayurveda Way?

If we split AYURVEDA into two parts, two words come out i.e., “AYUR” means life & “VEDA” means knowledge of life. It’s a complete package of Indian remedies for our Spiritual, Physical, and Mental health. We have three types of dosha in Ayurveda – KAPHA(EARTH), PITTA(FIRE), and VATTA(WIND). Every medicine at HERBS.LYF® is geared towards bringing one of these forces into harmony in the body.

Benefits of Ayurveda

More affordable than conventional medicine

Easier to obtain than prescription medicine

Stabilizes hormones and your metabolism

Natural healing and fewer adverse effects

Strengthens your immune system naturally

Power of Nature

Growing Use of Herbal

Over the past three decades, the usage of herbal medicines and supplements has grown significantly, with at least 80% of people turning to them for some aspect of primary health care.

Our Formula

We Promote and Nurture the Sustenance of the Life Force itself through the Power of Nature.


HERBS.LYF® Mission & Vision

We emulate the world’s oldest holistic healing system. Our formula is to use only the best natural herbs and sources, suitable to enhance human vitality and help them live a healthy and happy life. 

We recognize timeworn problems faced by generations and even unique problems of the modern-day & age.

We have acquired an understanding of human life and what it requires, therefore we ensure the production of top-quality products which are safe and consistent.